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1) What is the deposit?

Wade Stock Saddles - $2,500 Deposit

3B Stock Saddles - $2,500 Deposit
Custom Saddles - $2,500 Deposit


2) Who makes your trees?

Bill Bean - ID

Ben Swanke- MT


3) What kind of leather do you use for your saddles?

Hermann Oak Leather


4) What is the difference in the quality of the Stock Saddles vs Custom Saddles?

There is no difference in the quality of materials or the quality of workmanship of my saddles.


5) Do you offer different size trees for different backed horses?

Hard to fit horses can be measured and fitted for a tree. Our trees with 90 degree bars are targeted
to fit most average backed horses.


6) What customizable options for my saddle can I choose from?

Wade Stock Saddles - Minimal options yet, great fit for you and your horse.

3B Stock Saddles - Minimal options with great features.

Custom Saddles - Wider range of options/stamping.


7) Do you have pre-made saddles for sale?

We will be working on providing ready made Wade Stock Saddles in various sizes, these saddles
will be offered on a first come first served basis.


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