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Robert has spent his whole life being inspired and educated in the western art of saddle making. Growing up on ranches in Texas, Idaho, and California, Robert found himself drawn to learning all that he could about horses, cattle, and the ranch way of life. After turning 18, Robert apprenticed under Diamond C Saddle Shop in Lewiston, Idaho. The two years spent there left a big impression, inspiring him to dedicate himself to honing his saddle making skills and making it his life’s trade.

In the spring of 2004, Robert received a scholarship
through the TCAA (Traditional Cowboy Arts Association)
to participate in a saddle making workshop taught by
legendary saddle maker Dale Harwood. Being an admirer
of Harwood’s craft prior to the workshop, Robert was both
humbled and excited about this once in a lifetime
opportunity. This became a turning point in Robert’s saddle
making career. Harwood’s techniques have influenced the
way Robert constructs his saddles.

After over 34 years of creating quality custom saddles,
Robert has a greater passion for improving and refining
his craft; creating each saddle to be functional as well as
comfortable for both horse and rider.

Robert is dedicated to his trade,he lives

in the high desert town of Tehachapi, California,
where he works in his home-based shop.

A Robert Chavez saddle is precisely that; he is the sole
builder from the laying of the initial ground seat to the
lacing of the last latigo string. As an owner of a Robert
Chavez Saddle, the dedication and attention to detail
will be apparent, the moment you open the box.



RC Saddle Co.
Robert Chavez
23869 Clover Spring Road
Tehachapi, CA 93561


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